The cost of marketing or advertisement always seems next to impossible to cover. With the pocket pinching, ever-growing advertising costs and rates laid out by the ad agencies; making a profit with your sales looks like a sweet dream. So when you are putting so much of your capital at risk by taking up different marketing initiatives, you cannot afford to commit any deadly mistakes which can break your dream into thousand pieces. It may sound bitter but yes, marketing people or enterprise owners often commit 3 fatal marketing sins which do nothing but raise their marketing costs by few hundred dollars more.

And as the cost climbs up the graph and effectiveness slips down, you cannot expect any improvement in your success meter. So make a promise to yourself that after reading this article, you will never ever commit the same mistakes in the coming days.

Now, the oath ceremony is over, we can move forward and point out the 3 deadly marketing sins.

Sin1: Lack of Relevancy

In the world of marketing ‘right’ is the only right word. Putting forward your best foot at the right time, in the right place and in front of the right person is the rule of the game. If you miss any of the right part, your campaign will not achieve the right tune. So you need to select a particular demographic for a particular mailer and send the mail at bang-on time. Don’t send your latest Winter men’s wear collection to the teenage high school girls, that also in Summer.

Sin 2: Lack in Continuity

If you fail to follow up with your old customers, you know you are in sin number two. The main hindrance in the follow-up is the great act of procrastination. First you think you will do it later on today, then the today becomes tomorrow and finally, that tomorrow never comes. You paid thousands of dollars to fetch the lead, but then it slips into your mere oblivion. Failure to follow up costs you the exact amount needed to get new lead. Hence you are actually spending double
to get the attention of same people. That’s a bit foolish. Lack of foresightedness, short term goals, lack of knowledge and lack of an automated system only worsen the situation.

Sin 3: Lack in Observation Power

Although you may find thousands of webinars and Amazon guidebooks on Top 10 Killer Marketing Strategies, you just can’t embrace them all and suddenly turn your small set up into a Fortune 500 company. So you need to test and measure your own strategies, ROI and the final result of every campaign. Experiment with different ads or mailers and keep a track of their impact. One day you will be able to write your own book.