Network Solutions released a Small Business Success Index saying that several SMB’s are having a hard time in keeping up with larger businesses. Respondents who want to improve their standing in the industry view social media marketing as a solution. Small business owners using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn know that these social media platforms can help them increase their business’ profits.

Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is the second-most utilized social marketing platform of SMBs. Recently, the site updated their social search options which is why 18% of respondents make use of it.

According to the study, 63% of SMB marketers claim that social marketing helped in increasing customer loyalty. These social media platforms allow businesses to be engaged with their customers, increase awareness, and gain potential customers. The study established that social media marketing is not veering away from investment in SMB website content. On the contrary, marketers from all sizes may view a good balance between social media marketing and content marketing.Facebook is the most recognized social network used by SMBs in promoting their businesses. 27% of small business marketers enjoy the positive returns of investing in Facebook ads to the point that there are those who regard “Likes” as valuable as revenue.

These figures just go to show that any business, large or small, can benefit from using social media platforms as a way to market their products and services without worrying about exorbitant rates as you would otherwise spend using traditional advertising medias.