unnamed (1)So you are in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc and recently have come across a new name, LinkedIn. You found all your colleagues having a LinkedIn account and suddenly you are all game for it. But you are a bit confused over few facts which your buddies have shared with you. Let me tell you, LinkedIn is not that much fun as you are expecting it to be. And you don’t know what to do. If this is the situation then read this piece carefully. Before I go elaborate on what is LinkedIn and how can you benefit from this new kid on the block, I must tell you the fact that yes, this is not a commonplace social networking or dating site. It has been created to cater to serious business or professional requirements.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the first ever professional networking website meant for only and only business requirements. You need to understand this point first. This website is created for individual or enterprise level requirements which can range from Human Resource, Recruiting or Promoting a business with like-minded people or organizations. Users can post or search for current openings; ask and answer various questions or queries; and help others in making a job or a company appearing trustworthy.

Found the above paragraph more puzzling? Don’t worry; here I am going to draw a detailed outline on LinkedIn.

What can you do with your LinkedIn profile?

  • Create your profile.
  • Give complete information about your academic life as well as your career profile.
  • Make it sure to mention every awards, recognitions or certifications you have received.
  • Do not forget to include the name of all your employers along with the current one.
  • If possible give a brief description about your role in the companies you have served so far.
  • Add your skills, these skills are searchable. So they make you visible

Now go ahead and step into the world of LinkedIn by creating your own professional networking