officeautopilot-administrator-toolsOffice Autopilot is the system of putting your business into a system. Confusing as it may sound, this office management software can actually help the enterprise people and sales department a lot in getting their job done in the most righteous way. With this ‘central marketing database’, you can actually track the record of everything and make the most out of it by automating the process. With this helpful toolset one can easily automate the email marketing procedure and track the response without any requirement to scrutinize tasks manually.

Let us understand it better with an example. Suppose you are into ecommerce and you need to analyze your customers’ likes and dislikes; so that you can create different mailers targeted at different segments of audiences. Now, your Office Autopilot, if worked out properly, can record the likes of specific customers or target audience. For example, you sent a mailer to a group of 50 people. Among them 30 recipients just opened the mail and ignored it instantly. The rest of the people read the mail thoroughly and some of them clicked some links. Now, your Office Autopilot will track who clicked what. Upon that you will get an idea about their likings and your next mailers will be crafted keeping that data in mind.

Is OfficeAutopilot suitable for you?

Even if it sounds truly interesting, the fact remains that OfficeAutopilot or marketing automation is not for one and all. So in order to make the most of this marketing automation tool, you need to understand its applicability in your business. A Pizza delivery company owner should not be bothered about the online marketing responses. Marketing automation is mostly needed in B2B portals or for ecommerce websites where you need to measure your customers’ response very closely. In short, OfficeAutomation is perfect for those whose marketing budget is over $2000 per month, who are unable to manually handle the leads or who want to review each and every customer as well as lead they get.

How does it work?

OfficeAutomation works with organized database. Therefore, at first, you put information in correct segments and create a structured database. Next you import it into the OfficeAutopilot system. It may take some considerable amount of time and thoughtful work. Hence you should consider accumulating all the necessary information from concrete sources and use them effectively.

Until you are creating a streamlined database, the OfficeAutopilot cannot perform its tasks in the desired way. In order to create a proper database, you need to create some questionnaires, put some choice of answers to it and then convert it into Excel format. Syncing contact list comes next. That is how you have to get started with OfficeAutopilot.