Here is a list of smart phone Apps that I frequently use to help me get the most out of my day and be more productive, I also through in a few extras.

  • Evernote think of this one as a backup brain, a place to keep all your notes, websites etc in a structured and organised way. So you don’t forget about all those great resources you come in contact with.
  • Boomerang if you use gMail or Google Apps this is a awesome tool that allows you to schedule emails to send later, create auto responders, easily configure it to notify you if people don’t respond in a certain time frame (for those important emails) and many other great things.
  • Xero is an online cloud based accounting platform that allows you to automate a lot of the mundane accounting tasks like sending out invoices, invoice reminders and so on while also giving you access to your accounting info from anywhere in the world and the ability to easily check things and save receipts etc from your smart phone.
  • Lastpass is an awesome password manager to help you keep track of passwords, not forget passwords, share access to accounts without sharing credentials and also has a handy app for the smartphone so you’ve got access to everything where ever you are.
  • Noisli is a white noise generator to help you focus on your work. Gives you background noise of a fire, rain and storms, water flowing, forests and all sorts of things to help drown out other distracting noises and allow you to focus on the task at hand. Studies have shown that the wrong sound environment can make you up to 66% less productive.
  • Dropbox is a cloud based storage that you can access via web browser, install on your computer and smart phone. It’s great because it is an active backup of your important files, just encase your computer dies. It gives you access to your files from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and allows you to share files and folders with your team, customers or family and friends.
  • Ditto Clipboard how often throughout the day to do you copy and paste things and accidentally over right your previous important copy with something not so important. This allows you to extend your clipboard to store and access lots of copies.
  • Jumpcut as above, but for Mac users.
  • F.lux this is a must. It’s something you can install on your laptop or computer and it adjusts the colour scheme of your monitor based on the time of day. To help avoid screen induced insomnia. Computer monitors are designed to look like a sunny day would by emitting lots of light in the blue spectrum. Looking at screen like this after dark can make it difficult for people to unwind at the end of a busy day. Using this app will automatically adjust your screen to help you get a good nights rest.
  • a great app for helping you build new habits.
  • Way Of Life is great for kicking bad habits or strengthening new habits – gives you a very easy interface to keep track of your habits and then display them over time in various graphs.
  • Headspace is a guided meditation app to help you unwind at the end of a busy day or better yet get the most out of your day with a quick meditation session soon after waking up.
  • Mem.rise + Duolingo are two great apps for learning a new language. Mem.rise is also handy for other subjects as it has a range of free courses available on various topics.
  • Lumosity is a great app that allows you to train and improve your attention, memory, reaction speed skills. Think of it as a brain trainer.
  • Aweber and Sendpepper  are great ways to automate email marketing and communication with your database and fresh leads from your website. I give much more detail about these programs in a automated email marketing blog post linked at the bottom of the page.
  • Microsoft Word + Microsoft Excel  on the iPhone are great apps to have to help you edit and produce documents on the go. Alternatively for Mac users you may be interested in. This is a good business apps Numbers + Pages.
  • Safecard allows you to scan all your reward cards, loyalty cards, credit cards etc and store them on your phone to save you from having to always carry them around and save you from being caught out without your cards. The barcodes can be scanned right off your screen.
  • Hootsuite and Buffer App are tools to help you centralise, automate and get the most out of your Social Media Marketing campaigns. If you would like to find out more about these, I link to an article about automating social media at the bottom of this article.
  • TeamWorkPM is a online based project management tool to allow for simple task and project management through an online environment and also easily from your smart phone. More about project management linked at the bottom of the page.
  • generates music tested by neuroscientists to increase focus, relaxation and sleep.
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs is a little off topic but I included this one as it’s great for anyone that plays or is learning to play Guitar. It gives you access to 1,000s of guitar tabs where ever you are. On that note Garage Band is another great app for anyone interested in playing instruments or making music.

If you’re interested in using systems to help optimise your productivity you may also be interested in my posts on automating social media, automated email marketing and project management.

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