A landing page is a page on a website where traffic is directed to, in response to a specific action such as clicking on an advertisement. The sales copy will be displayed on the landing page providing a logical extension of the link you click on.

The main purpose of a landing page is to convert the visitors of a site into potential clients. The effectiveness of an advertisement may be determined by marketers with the use of click-through rates and conversion rates and may provide them information on what enhancements are necessary.

Deciding on a product and putting up your website is the initial step in online marketing but having a good landing page to increase the chances of earning revenue is equally essential. There are businesses who redirect visitors to their brand’s main website but this is a strategy that most e-commerce related businesses would frown upon.

On the other hand, having a separate landing page gives your business the chance of earning twice as much. Here are just a few of things to ponder on:

Landing Pages are Meant for Profit

Several online businesses make use of their home page as their landing page. However, most people should avoid this strategy as a homepage is primarily intended for linking subpages of a website. Making a separate landing page from your main home page is necessary in boosting your marketing efforts.

Designing the landing pages should be like putting yourself in the shoes of the visitors to your site. The layout should be outlined in a manner where visitors will be encouraged to click a link that will redirect them to your brand’s main website so as to entice them in buying the product.


In affiliate programs, profit is made by merchants through conversions. A conversion takes place when a visitor comes to your website and then decides to buy a product. This is the reason why marketing your product through the landing page is essential.

Placing your advertisements on the landing page can earn you more revenue and have the ability to make you twice as profitable as businesses that don’t have landing pages. Simply said, increase in profits is assured when you put up a landing page.


Landing pages provide online marketers more earnings, which allow them to maintain their website. Marketers who build landing pages are more certain to succeed when it comes to affiliate marketing.