Inmobi is the world’s largest independent mobile ad network. Recently, InMobi reported about the findings of Mobile Insights Report: North American and Global Editions April 2011. Inmobi currently serves 35 billion mobile advertising impressions every month to 314 million global customers.

According to the report, mobile advertising increased by 17% mostly due to the heightened use of smartphones.  The report conveyed that 8 out of 10 mobile impressions in North America are from smartphones and that mostly were from Android and iOS. Nokia’s share of mobile impressions has decreased to 37% as Samsung, Apple and HTC seem to have gone up compared to the -1.0 loss of Nokia’s share points within 90 days. Samsung’s share increased by +1.2 pts, Apple by +0.4 pts, and HTC by +1.2 pts as well.

Inmobi’s report also shows the remarkable improvement of Android gaining an additional +3.3 share points that is 17% of all global ads. More and more people are now using smartphones to connect to the internet so as not to be left behind since they can receive updates anytime they want to, when they want to.

Mobile impressions continue to proliferate as the use of smartphones flourish all over Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Another report made by InMobi presents that Asians usually prefer purchasing products and/or services via their mobile devices rather than their desktops.  Evidently, mobile advertising is the most effective marketing form in Asia and there is no stopping it to be the most powerful advertising platform all over the world.