Online Marketing Services

In the above video I take the time to give you a good explanation and example of some of the more common pieces that make up an online marketing system.

In the video I mention that I’ll provide links to find out more about Online Marketing Services.

Online Advertising – here I give you more detail on […]

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Online Marketing Blueprint

In the above video we run through our Online Marketing< Blueprint/strong>. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch or ask below. As always please like or share this post on your favourite social media platform with the buttons below 🙂 thanks.

Download the Online Marketing Blueprint here.

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Get Great Testimonials | getting testimonials

You should never doubt the power of a great Testimonial to help you secure a potential customer. People are much more likely to go through with a purchase when they see good testimonials from the public and it is much more powerful if they can relate to the person.

That’s why we use the attached Testimonial […]

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Implement Project Management and Goal Setting

Improving efficiency in your business to give you more time to work on your business rather than being stuck in managing the day to day, I’m talking about a bit of software that we actually use in our business every day. It’s an online project management tool called TeamWorkPM that we have implemented; as a […]

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Youtube and Small Business

Today I’m going to start with Youtube, as you may or may not already know YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine online but did you know that Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed a day and 60 Hours of video content is uploaded to Youtube every minute.

The reason I’m talking about Youtube and video […]

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Best Automated Email Service For Business: AWeber vs SendPepper | best auto email systems, top automated email platofrms, best automated email service for business

I’m often asked the question by start up entrepreneurs “What would be the first thing you recommend I implement in online marketing?”, without a moments hesitation I answer ‘Automated Emails’. All most everyone has emails straight to their pockets these days with the rise of the smartphone! With that said, email automation should be a […]

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6 Most Common Mistakes With Business Websites | 6 common mistakes with a business website , common website mistakes, business websites mistakes

I’ve been getting a lot of calls through from business owners looking to have a chat and get a review of mistakes with their businesses website that are leading to their online presence falling behind, acting more like a boat anchor than a lead generating sales tool.

I’ve found through our seminars that if 1 or […]

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Online Marketing For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day? | online marketing, online advertising, internet marketing

I recently had a conversation with a potential client and they wanted to market a new startup business. Now this is quite a large organisation with massive potential and a growing market however when I asked them what kind of budget they had in mind each month regarding online marketing, the figure surprised me.

It was […]

Lessons From Chris Murphy…

I recently read a great book titled “Murphy”. It is quite a large read however I just couldn’t put it down and found it fascinating, read it within a few days.

Lessons from Chris Murphy

It is the biography of Chris Murphy, for many you may not know the name, he was the manager and driving force […]

The Power of Automated Systems | automated systems, automated marketing, automated business

I took a few days off and went on a short surfing trip with my mates. Little did I know that there was no Internet and phone connection. Most places on the planet have net connection so I travel an hour and a half from Coffs Harbour and I am in online wilderness. No need […]