Moving is one of the most difficult household task and it can be quite daunting. However if you are very organized and start the process early enough, you should survive this daunting process and be ready to enjoy your new home. To help provide some expert guidance, Christchurch movers make it their business to help thousands of people move all over New Zealand each year, here are some professional suggestions to help you get organized and prevent moving day confusion.

Get organized well ahead of time

Don’t leaving anything undone until the last second. Except in situations where you have to pack up and leave at a short notice, there is a good chance that you have between one and two months to plan ahead and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the moving day. Make a schedule and list out everything you need to complete each week as you count down to the moving day.

Organize your packing

If you have more than one person handling the packing, it is important that you make sure the packing is organized. Give each of the packers a blank inventory sheet and assign them a particular room to pack. Give them the right packing materials that will aid their packing, e.g. packing tapes, markers, pen, boxes etc.

Work out your moving strategy

How are you going to move from one point to another on the moving day? If you are not moving to a far distance, you’ll probably have to get some of your very good friends to bring their muscles and think about hiring a truck for the task. If you have a lot of furniture or you’ll be moving across the country, you may want to consider long distance movers.

Pick a suitable transport

If you are moving a short distance, you can escape making multiple trips. However if you are moving far, you’ll need to ensure that you have a suitable sized truck that will carry all your belongings at once. Choosing a suitable size transport is extremely crucial when moving long distance since it is difficult to make multiple trips.

Use the opportunity to clear out

Moving is an excellent opportunity to organize your possessions and get rid of stuffs you no longer need. You can sort and donate good clothes to charities, you can put up your electronics and furniture for sales on website like craigslist.  

Take inventory

It is very important that you take inventory particularly if you’re using professional movers. This will really help you if something goes missing during transit. Have a spread sheet of the contents of each box, then assign a number to each box so that your items can be easily sorted out when you unpack in your new home.

Get prepared for your movers, whether friends or hired  

Whether you have professional movers or your friends showing up at your door on the set day, ensure that you are ready before they arrive. This is even more important if you are using a moving company, make sure you are already packed before they arrive. If not you might incur extra costs if you delay your move because of slow packing. If you cannot handle the packing yourself, you might consider hiring a packers to help you out.

 Safeguard your valuables

Look for a secure place to keep your valuables on moving day.  Make sure you insure anything you consider valuable or any breakable item if you’re making use of a moving company. Also, if you’re moving important items such as a computer, you are advised to do a backup of your important files in case anything goes wrong during moving.

Take care of your movers

Whether you use the services of professional movers or got your friends to help you move, make sure you have food and drinks freely available for everybody. A cold drink will certainly lift the spirits of your moving crew on a hot summer day.