While social media marketing and online marketing changed the way marketers promote business and leveling the playing field for both big and small businesses, getting a few negative comments here and there is considered as the bane of a marketer’s business. It can be quite disheartening to see less than fantastic comments from valued customers but you can actually change negative comments into golden opportunities if you know how to handle the situation right.
Below are few things you need to keep in mind when you received negative feedbacks:
• Don’t be too quick to defend yourself. Emotions may run high during these situations but a cool head will solve the problem much quicker. Instead of overreacting, check the merits of the negative comment, solve it and let your clients know that you are committed in giving them the best customer experience
• Negative comments can help build loyalty among clients. If the person who gave you the thumbs down saw how quickly you addressed the problem, you demonstrated a genuine love of your business and value what customers have to say about the products or services you offer
• Know when to accept defeat. It’s upsetting to receive negative feedbacks but don’t let it get the best of you. Fix it and let your customers know that the problem has been resolved. However, if you done all you could and you cannot solve the problem at all, be willing to accept defeat and be accommodating to the other party. This gives a powerful statement to customers that you are willing to share your weaknesses to them.
• Always respond to a feedback, regardless if it’s positive or negative. This send a strong message that you are the type of businessperson who listens, learns and engages with his customers no matter how tough the going gets.
Responding to a negative comment in an equally negative way will have you losing customers so it’s important to keep everything cordial between you and the commenter.