I am not sure if you are like some people where Christmas gets closer and sometimes you use the excuse of I will wait and do it next year.
I know I have used this plenty of times for all kinds of reasons.
It may be I will get fitter next year, or I will do that extra odd job around the house next, or I will make the change in the business next, what ever it may be.
I remember around four years ago I was working for a company in sales and marketing, and it had been a tough month for sales and in the last week running up to Christmas everyone started to back off and put things aside till next year….. which in real terms was like only about 9 days away anyway.

However I thought why not go as hard as I can and get as much done this year as I can. So whilst everyone started to slow down I continued working with clients and looking at creating more sales.

On the last day before Christmas when the rest of the sales staff had clocked off early something amazing happened. First I got a call from a client who I had been working with and they said they wanted to purchase from me and could they drop a cheque in to get things rolling. That sale was worth $274,000 to the company and around $6500 commission cheque to me, I can’t explain the difference this made to my family for Christmas.

Also on the same day I had two more people ask about purchasing our product. I spent some quality time with these two potential clients and sure enough a week into the next year they came back in and put a deposit down to purchase.
Total value of the sales combined $462,000

All because I decided not to put things off till next year. Sometimes in business we tend to put things off to next year as Christmas gets closer. Sometimes not settling for the common excuse can pay off bigger than you expect.

Sometimes waiting till after Christmas can cost you because you fall in the trap of the common excuse….. after Christmas.

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