So you are ready to take the plunge by setting up your company’s LinkedIn business page. That is literally a 5 minutes job that you should tick off the list. But before that, ask yourself why your company should have a LinkedIn company page?

2 Major Reasons To Setup A LinkedIn Company Page

Reason 1 – You are an employer. So if you have a company page, your employees can easily link to that page. In this way, your company will have a better online presence and recognition. You can consider this as a free but extremely effective promotional exercise.

Reason 2 – If you are owner of a brand or a company selling products then consider LinkedIn. This site allows companies talk about their products by creating individual page for each product. What more, LinkedIn even helps companies to narrow down the list, so that every product gets proper visibility! You can also ask your connections to like or recommend the products.

Now, coming to the point, how to make the most of a company page in LinkedIn.

5 Steps To Setup Your LinkedIn Company Page

Step 1: Give complete information.

You are meant to use LinkedIn to do some serious job which is specifically related to your own business. Go to Admin tools > Edit. Fill up the general information about the company. You can see that most of the information is already fetched from previous activities. Just re-check all the information and add data, if necessary. Remember that this information plays significant role in convincing the profile viewers.

Step 2: Post career opportunities

This professional networking site LinkedIn is, probably, the newest platform of finding suitable jobs or job-seekers. From HR people to young aspirants, it seems LinkedIn is a huge hit as a job portal. So if you are looking for bright young hearts who will add value to your set-up with their skills and ideas. Let the users know you are hiring through this popular forum. Nothing can be smarter than this Career portal.

Step 3: Add product or service

If you are from the world of ecommerce then LinkedIn has something special for you. This business network site enables the ecommerce people to promote their products or services through it. Go to Admin Tools and then select ‘Add a Product or Service’. Then just go with the flow as LinkedIn will instruct you in completing the easy step by step procedure of adding products and classifying them.

Step 4: Do promote

Without advertisement, a marketing strategy looks pale. Why not making most of the LinkedIn ad campaigns to promote your company or its products and services? No need to hire an ad agency to do the job, just follow the 4 simple steps and your job is done. The snippet will give you an exact idea about how the ad will appear in the site.

Step 5: Use Analytics

At the end of the day you need a measuring tool to check how everything is going. LinkedIn analytics is there to help you out with the tracking and analyzing of your company page.