There is a constant conflict between the corporate world and academia, or in other words, education and re-education. The B-schools are teaching business theories which often find no ground in the constantly changing real business world. And the improvisations and developments in the real organizations or business houses are not getting reflected in the subject papers of the B-school students. This scenario does not only happen i n the business world, it is applicable to any professional courses, for e.g. say the world of Journalism & Mass Communication.

Generally, a normal MBA course teaches about different business aspects, management theories, strategies, importance of organization assessment etc. The students are encouraged to make projects analyzing and explaining the the theories, so that they get a bit of experience on how things work in core business fields. One day these students enter the professional sphere and after spending 2-3 decades they become the proud manager. But in these 2-3 decades, their sole concentration remains focused on their own business houses or peripherals. So they miss out the real developments, in terms of administrative theories and strategies.

This ‘missing out’ part may sound a little significant for you. But corporate and market analytics perceive its s something truly serious and deploring. After all, every administrative theory is aimed at increasing the productivity of the workforce. So is the responsibility of a manager. Incorporating the latest ideas and developments into business activities prove beneficial as it increases employees’ engagement in the core business procedure. Whereas depending on the decade old syllabus often results in pushing away the real people from the business. A Gallup survey has shown non-attachment of around 22 million US workforces leading to a loss of $250 -$300 billion per annum, in terms of productivity. What is the solution then?

Re-education – the Solution

Here comes the importance of re-education. Many institutes and even business giants conduct short-term courses, seminars, workshops and diploma courses on different segments of a business. It is obvious that the subject matter experts are going to be present there to share views and opinions on the specific subjects. Taking part in such activities actually help the working people broadening their horizon, and absorbing new trends and strategies.

Not only managers, even the support staffs of a company get the chance to improve their skills or acquiring more knowledge from such seminars and crack courses. And more knowledge yields better productivity, no second thought about that.

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