Advertising is always considered as one of the most crucial part of a business. Strategists spend half of their lifetime scratching head to dig out the best advertising strategies which will maximize the ROI like never before. After the birth of Facebook, online advertising gets a virtual face lift, it seems. With more and more famous brands making their entries into this showstopper’s arena, it’s obvious that you just cannot rule the market ignoring Facebook.

Now you are ready to investing in Facebook ads. May be you have already run a few of them and received mix response. So you are left baffled as you cannot determine a fixed strategy or what is the key to fetch prospects’ attention. Let me ask you a question. Have you tried A/B testing strategy for your Facebook ads?

If not then here I am going to give you tips on how to use A/b testing effectively for your Facebook advertisements.

1)    Define your focal areas: When you are investing your time and energy on something, you must determine the points you want to measure through this split testing. Is your main focus is on clicks or lead generation or more likes or coupon redemptions? Create your ad upon the bull’s eye point. But remember your ad must be complete in true sense. It should not happen that it attracts a lot of clicks, but failed miserably in convincing people to sign up with the site.

2)    Work on your ‘Control’ ad: Next you have to create a ‘control’ ad against which you will compare your test ad’s result. So get creative in this step as it gives you enough flexibility. Make the most use of your intuition and guessing power and let’s see how things turn out.

3)    Create your testing ad: Next, create a test ad with little one time changes to see the impact. May be at first you change the image but keep other parts same. Now, after few days you change another element of the test ad. Brush up your permutation combination skills with the title, image and description. Don’t forget to keep a track of how the differences affect the result.

4)    Test with a lot of images: If your budget permits go generous with images. Test with 5 different images, which is a common practice. But if you can manage testing at least 20 images, you will get a clear picture. Don’t be judgmental here, you must believe the data.

5)    Discover your target audience: Select a particular demographic for a particular testing ad. Change the age group or interest areas when you are changing the ads. In this way you will soon find out which demographic reciprocate to which ads and how.

6)    Run your ads at a time and for a long time: If you keep an ad live for only few minutes or hours, you won’t get the clear picture. Also if you display different testing ads at different times, you will miss the reason of differences and people’s preferences. So keep them live simultaneously for a long time to watch the real impact.