Goal Setting for Online Business

If you are an online business owner then the first thing you should do is goal setting. Setting up a business website can be a two minutes job, but running that business successfully is not a kid’s play. To achieve success in a business you need to put your prudential sight into action. Goal setting is the first sign of that prudential sight.


Importance of Goal Setting

  • Workforce motivation: Let the workforce know what you want from them and once they can clearly see the picture of your work plan, they will be eager to give their best.


  • Hook prospect clients: Set well-defined goals so that you can put that in front of a new customer or prospects. They will be assured that working with your company will not be futile. Hence you will receive more business.


  • Inspire stakeholders: Stakeholders are always eager to know about future plans and strategies, so that they can take wise investment decisions. Arrange a meeting with your investors and other stakeholders. They will be more than happy.


  • Evaluate employees’ performance: When you are setting up short-term and long-term goals for your employees, you are enjoying a chance to evaluate their individual performances. Goal setting will help you create benchmarks and time-specific targets.


  • Meet business targets: The ultimate target of a business is to increase sales and profit. Well thought-out business plans also cover such core business and financial goals. At the end of the fiscal year, you will be amazed to see the profit margin.

Step by Step Goal Setting Procedure

  • Define goals: Distinctly define your goals. If it’s a broad one then break it into small segments. Create a complete structure defining the hierarchy and you know your half job is done.


  • Documentation: Create a goal documentation mentioning each and every strategy you are planning to set out in order to achieve the goals.


  • Tracking record: Create a tracking tool or system that will keep a record of how the plan is getting worked out. If possible, put time frame for each short-term goal and you will be able to see whether it is achieved within the given timeframe or not.


  • Step-by-step action plan: Sit with your different teams and explain them the step-by-step action plan. If possible, print it out and put it on display.


  • Understanding their impacts: It is vital to understand why you are setting the goals and how it is going to serve your ultimate purpose. Otherwise the whole plan will fail to deliver what you expect.

Spotting and removing obstacles: Obstacles create the difference between goal setting and achieving the same. So detect the obstacles and try to bring out a solution.