Though Google Plus is a new social media network on the block launching in 2011, people are still sceptical about embracing it; especially, if it’s for business or social media networking purposes. It might be due to the market monopoly of Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn. But, if you are not reaping the benefits of Google Plus then you are certainly missing out on something. The market statistics says that the current users of Google Plus are more than 500 million. Hence it definitely has some significant aspects which can boost the social media marketing result of your business as well as make some distinct impact on your Search Engine Optimisation.

Of course using Google services is good for SEO

Think about, Google is the biggest search engine their is – don’t you think they’re going to give a few ‘extra points’ here and there to the business that use their services. While the amount of active users on this platform is still quite low in Australia, the benefits of using Google Plus should still be considered in your search engine optimisation strategy.

Google Plus SEO Benefits


Here are 4 benefits of Google Plus –

  • Sign up for Google Authorship; connect your blogs and articles with your Google Plus profile; and protect your works from the cruel bite of plagiarism.
  • Create G+ profile for your small shop and the Google + Local will track it automatically. You can get reviews and recommendations too, without much effort and also get your business to the top of Google easily by appearing in map listings!
  • Google + Communities are great sources to gather real feedback from real people.
  • It will help your search engine rankings!

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