You should never doubt the power of a great Testimonial to help you secure a potential customer. People are much more likely to go through with a purchase when they see good testimonials from the public and it is much more powerful if they can relate to the person.

That’s why we use the attached Testimonial Template when getting Testimonials from customers. It asks all the right questions and once you put all the answers together to structure the Testimonial you are left with something that people can relate too. These testimonials are much more powerful if you can get an image of the person as well or better yet make a video of them reading out the testimonial.

The ‘claim to fame’ section of this testimonail form can be left in or taken out. This is just another personal aspect of the previous customer that new potential customers can relate to. This claim to fame can be anything from ‘proud mother of 4’, ‘real estate tycoon’, ‘hopscotch champion’, ‘author of 2 books’… anything.

With this template in use you can expect to receive great testimonials like the following:

Matt Culgan – Red Rooster Franchisee Coffs Harbour

“Before using Social How to Media I was doing nothing with my social media marketing.
The problems and concerns I had prior to engaging Social How to Media was my lack of knowledge around social media and unsure how to connect my business to social media.
I decided to enlist Social How to Media because I felt the time was right for my business and their price was very cost affective.
In a short period of only a month our brand is now in peoples faces a lot more.
The guys under promised and over delivered, very happy with the results”

As you can see this is much better from a customers point of view then just the normal ‘they were great, it was awesome’ type of testimonial. This is why I would recommend using the attached template, let me know how it goes.

Download the Template Here