business-directoryI often look for statistics and market survey reports to know quickly online business is changing. The year 2012 had gifted us uncountable hi-tech innovations which, by virtue of their significant attributes, have set the world of online businesses on fire, literally and technically. It’s not like we have had some breakthrough innovations during 2012, but the last year has seen the rise of social media and smart phones which have set new standards for online businesses.

Till the 2000s, the online business was mostly limited to a handful of urban citizens who used to buy products through their access to the internet. The idea of selling almost anything and everything from pin to panther was not familiar with the small business owners, neither the buyers were open to that idea of purchasing something without going down to the store. Paypal, eBay and few other sites wiere popular in the virtual market. This market was fundamentally product oriented.

The mid 2000s saw the breakthrough innovation of iPhone or smartphone which dismissed all preexisting theories of how to marvel in doing online business etc. And here the trends of online business get bifurcated. Let us take a look at the 2 distinct eras of ecommerce so that the answer to “how quickly online business is changing” becomes clear.

1990-2007: After internet became commercially available, hundreds of companies thronged into the virtual world for selling different types of products like computer, electric cables, appliances etc. The are broadened gradually as more and more business types got introduced to the ebusiness field. The prime aim became to make every kind of product or service available to the customers who were regular on internet via desktop or laptop. This phase experienced some innovative marketing concepts coming out to satisfy customers’ needs. Like mailers, newsletters, coupon codes etc.

2007-Now: This part has experienced the most fast paced and mindboggling evolution in the lifetime of online business. Right now, people are most into smartphones than their PC. Moreover, the inevitable social marriage happened between different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, pinterest etc) and smartphones added a different dimension to the changes taking place in the online business world. The company vs consumer gap has almost disappeared and the onetoone interactions over social platforms have set a sense of integrity.

Also, if you take a look at different renowned online business sites, you can get a grip on the information-oriented content. Every next ecommerce store is trying to give out as much information as possible, whether it’s a 3D picture or the minute details of the products/services. With these newer innovations on card, speed has become the ultimate key to a successful online business.