Google-SEOFacebook, Twitter and Google Plus are not only meant to be used for posting photos of your bachelor party or keeping track of the latest celebrity gossips. They have some noble purposes to serve too – like increasing the search engine ranking of business sites or improving your website traffic.

So explore the hidden benefits of social media activities and make sure to get the most out of them –

Facebook can guide Google to locate you. Social media platforms like Foursquare or Facebook allows the users to tag locations. And Google’s algorithm refers to such locations for web citations. Better reference means better local organic search rankings.

Google follows your Twitter or Facebook account secretly. I bet you did not know that. Yes, if your followers make an impressive number or your tweets are regularly retweeted or your status updates receive huge ‘Likes’ then Google is
going to remember you for awhile.

Google+ is a tool to impress Google God. More of your activities and shares on Google Plus, more you will be able to please the search engine god.

Social network defines the success of a business. Your comprehensive likes, followers, subscribers, shares and retweets or repins speak for the volume of your business’ success online