LinkedInYou are now eager to know how to create your LinkedIn business profile and make the most of it. Okay, so I assume you already have a LinkedIn profile, as an individual user. Is it complete? Do you know everything that you can do with your own personal profile in LinkedIn? Do you know what kind of benefits you can reap from this account? If you are not sure about the answers then you must first learn how to use it properly. A complete profile matters a lot. Hence I will start from scratch and then slowly will talk business.

How to create a LinkedIn profile?

Creating a LinkedIn profile is just a 2 minutes job. Go to, click on Join Today and fill up the form. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: You need to give your First Name, Last Name, Email ID and a password for your LinkedIn account.

Step 2: Now, you need to choose the country you are from, your postal code, your current employment status, job title and company name.

In case you are self-employed tick the box and choose the industry you are into.

Step 3: This step is optional. You may submit your email id from where you will automatically be informed about your contacts who are in LinkedIn too. In case you don’t want this, just click on ‘Skip this step’.

Step 4: Confirm your Google account or your Gmail id. If you want to confirm your Google account then click on the button a new incognito window will appear. Sign in to your Google account with the log in details and it will be confirmed.

Or else, you can request a confirmation mail to be sent to your Gmail id. Go to your mail inbox and click the confirmation link. Your Gmail account will be confirmed automatically.

And you are done creating your LinkedIn profile!

How to complete your LinkedIn profile?

Now let’s be serious about setting up your LinkedIn profile in a proper way. Let us find out how.

Step 1: Fill up all the information: Move your cursor over the Profile button which can be seen in the top of your LinkedIn home page and click ‘Edit Profile’. You need to give your full name and a good supporting image of yours. Don’t try funny pictures or emoticons or avatars; try out something formal for this networking site.

Step 2: Create a catchy headline. Normally, the site automatically creates one fetching the information you have given during registration. You can either change it to something smarter or stick to it. Once you change your job profile or company, the professional headline will be automatically updated.

Step 3: Submit your academic and career details. Your graduation/post-graduation year and your career details should also be given in proper order. List your ex employers as well as current one.

Step 4: Ask for recommendations from your previous and/or present colleagues which will boost up your profile value, for sure.