social-marketingThese days, the integration of social media efforts has been a major factor in the success of social marketing. Perceptive marketers have integrated the use of videos with emails instead of individually utilizing keywords, emails and videos in order to connect with customers.

The most important thing to remember about online campaigns is strategy. Sharing of the content or message of the campaign to others should be made easy for everyone. If information about a company is made easy to share through social networks, more and more people will have a chance to learn about the message you want to extend to people. A person can easily share widgets if they are designed to be embedded in any blog platforms such as WordPress, Typepad and Blogger.

The benefits of a content strategy like shareability are clearly reflected through emails. Shareability is not limited to forwarding the message to other contacts but should also provide users the option to post the message into social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Customization of messages should not be only for the recipients of the mail but should also allow them a means of customizing it and sharing them to others that is beneficial in increasing awareness.

If the person customizes the e-mail, his friends and peers will have an easier time trusting the mail and this can lead to enticing more prospective clients to learn more about your business. This will also provide customers with more unique and creative ways of customizing the mail and sending it to others. Prizes and incentives can also be offered to customers in order to encourage your customers to share any information about your company with their friends. E-mails may also be used to track which pages of a company’s website the customer regularly visits. Once this is tracked, specifically targeted campaigns and offers may be sent to people that provides relevant information to people who want to make a purchase in a timely manner.

emailE-mails may also be used to reconnect with regular customers who were once active but for some reason has been inactive for a specific period. It is essential for relevant messages to be sent in a timely manner in order to entice your customer to actively purchase your products or services again. You can’t send an email inviting customers to take advantage of an offer that has no expiration because shoppers will not feel the need to immediately make the purchase.