Lead generation, the ultimate aim of every online marketing strategy! This is the aim of LinkedIn too. After all, this is one of the reasons for which you are contributing so much time and effort in building a perfect LinkedIn business profile. So your every act on LinkedIn is aimed at generating more leads for your business, directly or indirectly. Till now, we have talked about this particular professional networking site, how to create an account, set up a company page, use the features, promote products etc. Now, we will discuss the most important aspect of your LinkedIn voyage, lead generation. LinkedIn should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy. It’s not enough to just do SEO or Online Advertising, you need to include every arm of the online marketing arm.

Here are the 6 best ways in which you can generate more lead and turn it into sales –

1. Question & Answers: LinkedIn Q&A is one of those helpful and effective tools, but it seems people are yet to understand its value. You will find a lot of people seeking answers to crucial or core business queries, just like Yahoo! Q&A. So why don’t you start be the teacher and give the answers? Do not shy away and help people when they ask something related to your expertise. People will start recognising you only when you are ready to share your knowledge with them.linkedin-business-marketing

2. Try App, Go App: You are living in the age of applications. And if you are still not accustomed with the LinkedIn apps then let me tell you, you are missing out something. Find useful apps that will help you grow your business network in this superb platform. There is an app that can link your company’s blog to the company’s profile. Dig out the app store and pick more suitable apps for you.

3. Join groups: People often make a mistake here by joining only those groups related to their business or interest. But to explore the true potential of groups, you must join other groups too which are out of your interest area. To be precise, this can be a good way to
expand your reach.

4. Meet new people: After all, your business is meant for human beings, and not for machines. Have you seen the people search engine in the right left corner? Search for people or check your second level connections. Ask your own contacts to introduce yourself to their contacts. And then it’s a smooth path lying ahead.

5. Direct Ads: Create a headline, body and link a landing page. Fix a bid which LinkedIn will be paid every time your ad is clicked. This is a good way of branding and advertising. So go for it. And it definitely converts into salLinkedInes.

6. Go smart with LinkedIn mobile app: Be tech savvy and download the LinkedIn smart phone app. Use it to connect with others at social gatherings and transfer business information flawlessly. Create an instant impression on your prospect clients or customers.