“I have a website, I am online thanks.”

We often here this from many business owners we chat to throughout our day.
So many businesses think if they have a website that “If you build it, he will come” (Field of Dreams – 1989) proverb may of been true at one stage, but the times have changed and you need to have an online marketing strategy in place to succeed because the market place has become much more competitive.

Online marketing is a very involved and complicated process. But at the same time it is the most powerful platform to date! No other medium has allowed a small business to get their product and services in front of the world without a big Coca Coal budget. Through the power of social media marketing, online advertising and search engine optimisation everyone has the ability to compete with the big dollar businesses.

Increase Website Traffic

To create a successful long-term online marketing system many parts are required to drive
people back to your website.

Below are 4 tips to getting more out of your websites traffic
  1. Web Design; it must be mobile optimised, interactive and easy to follow as well as following the technical rules.
  2. Use social media marketing to your advantage, it’s a great tool to reach people in your target market on a low budget and also interact with existing customers while giving curious customers an insight into your business.
  3. Create an offer on your website to drive leads and build curiosity.
  4. Lead generation, how will you capture those leads and what is your plan to follow up?

We have only scratched the surface on a few pointa today, however as you can see,
its not “build and they will come”.

Its build it and now… how am i going to market it.

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