Small business owners have got their biggest marketing weapon after the emergence of social media. People who are into any kind of e-businesses think their investment in social media is earning a great deal. But think again! Are you failing to make the most use of this new technology with unbelievable potentials? So it’s time to learn how to tap the hidden potentials of social media.

Here are some interesting ways to use social media platforms as your virtual team rooms where you can shape up new heights.

LinkedIn, the mostly underestimated professional network, can serve as a powerful HR platform for your company. These days, big houses are largely using LinkedIn as a way of recruitment. Also, your network of ex-employees, their contacts, friends and family members create a huge pool of untapped yet easily searchable resources.

If you know how to social media properly, you can also fulfill your sales aspects like creating a brand reputation or increasing the likeability of your products through Facebook campaign or using the world of 140 characters.

What makes the social media platforms more convenient to use as different departments is their popularity. It hardly takes a day to make your sales team understand their social media goals. They will be more than excited to do the job.