Ghost-Writing-iStock_000014841485LargeWe all know that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” You may argue that we don’t write with a pen anymore, this trend has become obsolete after the emergence of the great grand computer and keyboard. Let’s not get into this argue, rather let’s talk business. If you are in the business of writing or, better say, copywriting then indeed you need to know how to be an ace writer. After all, you are going to sell words; hence you must know the art and science of good writing.

Copywriting is not about putting few words, punctuations and information in a haphazard way. It’s more about expressing your thoughts, ideas or information in the best possible way by choosing the most appropriate words without breaking the writing convention. A point to remember here, creative writers are often allowed to play with the rules of grammar. They may not get penalized for it, but the norms are different for the rest of the writers.

To excel in the art of writing, your main focus should be on three points – Headline, Copy and overall Content.

Head for Headlines

Although the proverb says that “never judge a book by its cover”, reality often mocks and contradicts this age-old saying. That is sad, but true. In an age where internet is literally being overflowed with millions of online content every day, a copy has only 3 seconds to impress the reader/viewer. So the headline plays one of the most pivotal roles in doing its job in those 3 seconds. If the headline fails in creating the 3 second magic, the whole write-up will fail to see
the morning sun. So be attractive, unique, striking and catchy with your headlines. No need to follow the grammar strictly while you are creating headlines.

Cope with Copy

Copy or content means the main body or the piece of writing. When a headline strikes the mind of a reader, the reader looks below to read the full length of the article. And to compel the reader to keep on reading the last word of the article requires a brilliant copy. While copywriting try to remember few important points –

1) What are you going to say through the article? You should be clear about your subject and message.
2) Do not make the copy too clumsy or too scholarly, after all your readers are normal people with an average IQ.
3) Write for the target readers. If the article is for a science magazine then use the core scientific jargons. If you are writing a normal SEO articles then go easy with bombarding words and phrases.
4) Be sure to read the article loud afterwards and give the final touches accordingly.