Are you a social media trivia junkie well if you are, you would be interested in the following social media trivia points we have collected for you.

Over 30 great social media trivia points, enjoy

1. About 25% of people’s time online is spent on Social Media Networks and Blogs. That’s why we recommend social media marketing.
2. 110 billion minutes are consumed by the world on Social Media Networks and Blogs.
3. Visitors of social media sites have jumped 24% over the last year.
4. An increase of 66% more time is spent by an average visitor on social media sites than they did a year ago.
5. Brazil has the most number of internet users who visit social media networks clocking in at 86% of the world’s share.
6. Australian users average the most time visiting social networks at 7 hours and 19 minutes a month.
7. Italy has the highest reach of Facebook users at 2/3 of the active audience while Japan has the lowest at only 3%
8. Japan has their own version of Twitter named Ameba and is visited by 38% of Japanese people.
9. Coming up with visitors adding up to 54% of the world’s internet population, Facebook is the most visited social media platform in the world.
10. 7.9 new internet users are added worldwide every second.
11. Pornography has been surpassed by social media as the number one activity online.
12. In the US, Facebook has gone beyond Google’s weekly traffic.
13. Linkedin is used by 95% of companies who employ social media for hiring people.
14. LinkedIn gains a new member each second.
15. The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube.
16. 24 hours worth of video is uploaded into Youtube every minute.
17. E-books have overtaken sales of conventional books.
18. Turning Wikipedia into a book would mean 2.25 million pages and over 123 years would be spent in reading it.
19. In Egypt, some babies have been named Facebook.
20. Social media is used by 93% of marketers for business.
21. In 5 years, the return of investment in social media of your business will still continue.
22. Most of the members of Google+ come from US, Germany, UK, India and France.
23. The limit for number of friends on Facebook is 5,000.
24. Coke was the most popular brand in Facebook in 2011.
25. On August 23, 2007, #Barcamp became the first hash tag to be used on Twitter.
26. LinkedIn was launched in 2003, Facebook in 2004, and Twitter in 2006.
27. Lady Gaga has the most followers in Twitter. Even Kim Kardashian, Barrack Obama, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry follow her.
28. Eminem Has the most fans on Facebook. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Shakira and even Michael Jackson are following him.
29. FourSquare was officially launched in SXSW.com30. Mayorships in FourSquare are based on the number of days you “check-in” to
a certain location in the past 60 days.
31. The breed of Mark Zuckerberg’s dog, named Beast, is Puli.
32. The record for Tweets per second was set by the world cup finals between Japan and the United States beating out the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William and the death of Osama Bin media trivia

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