Getting your message and brand out there through online marketing (or as Vince Vaughn from the movie “The Internship” sais, ON THE LINE) takes some work.

Our online marketing agency works with a lot of business owners each day through either our consulting or training services.

We often find people believe if they just have an online presence with nice web design that all of their business problems would be solved.

They would have more time, more sales or their business would just grow like crazy.

All of the above and more are possible when you start to get your brand online, however it does take work.

Get Your Business On The Line

This week we have been working on our business to take our online marketing services to the next level and though we know what we are doing and spend many hours a week working at building brands online… there still is so much to learn and you have to be open to change and putting in the work.

Where do I start with marketing my business online?

Here is a short list of tasks you could think about this week that may assist you with building your brand online

  • What is your current offer; do you have one to capture new leads? If you missed it, we did a blog post on creating an offer a few weeks back that may help.
  • What can you change in your web design to engage more potential clients?  
  • Are you building your brand via social media marketing and how is it working for you?
  • Are you adding to your news or blog section of your website on a regular bases?
  •  What could you send to your email database this week that will add value to them, maybe save them time, teach them something, save them money, or just make their day better?
  • Have you researched what your opposition is doing online… if so, are you keeping ahead of them?
  • Research some of the leaders in your industry and see how they are getting results online… maybe model them.
  • Make time in your diary each week to building your brand online.

These are just a few points that may get you thinking. Yes, building your online brand takes work, however if you do it correctly, automate it and have great systems and strategy’s in place, you won’t have to spend to much time in the future to maintain and manage it.

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