I recently read a great book titled “Murphy”. It is quite a large read however I just couldn’t put it down and found it fascinating, read it within a few days.

Lessons from Chris Murphy

It is the biography of Chris Murphy, for many you may not know the name, he was the manager and driving force behind the band INXS for most of their career. He also created many other successful companies and brands.

I loved it because I spent a good part of my early working life in the music industry and could relate to many aspects of what he went through. However… if you aren’t into music and are a business owner, entrepreneur or someone who has a goal and vision for your life, you will learn so much from it.

Chris Murphy has a unique skill of being in front of the trends and seeing where industries are moving to, this allows him to position his brand ready to take advantage of what the buying public will be wanting.

Though we are an online marketing company, it also reassured my belief that you still must do the offline basics in conjunction with your online marketing strategies to grow your business and be successful.

The Top 10 Takeaways That I Got From Chris Murphy’s Biography

  1. Pick up the phone and just ask and start to talk to people one on one.
  2. Get face to face, meet people in person and start to create a relation.
  3. Do your research, go where your potential clients hangout and start watching, listen and asking questions, do your research.
  4. Don’t be scared to do things different to your industry, be the leader in your field, break the rules.
  5. Hit the road, think like a band, build your brand by getting on the road and going to your potential audience.
  6. Think globally.
  7. Think strategy, he always had a long-term strategy in mind before he hit the go button.
  8. Be prepared to take the risk, do your best to limit your exposure, however take the risk and take action either you will win or learn something that will point you in the right direction.
  9. Build a team of talented and committed people. Chris Murphy sourced people who were talented and committed to his vision. Her always went with people with passion before people with large cheque books.
  10. Be open to change… change will always be there, be open to change in everything.

While we may be an online marketing agency we also believe in the power of one on one business. We’re we come in is using various tactics from social media marketing, search engine optimisation and online advertising to increase the amount of one on one business our customers achieve. For those that want to take it to the next step we offer online business education and coaching that teach our customers how to turn their products and services into an automated stream of income as well as a systemised approach to improving your offline sales.

Even if your business sales are going through the roof – this is the best time to think about improving your online marketing tactics to ensure you keep in front of your competition and a successful future. It’s clear to see that the worlds economy and trade is going ‘online’… don’t be left behind.

As another great Murphy stated “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” – Murphy’s Law

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