LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet, claims to have over 150 million members in over 200 countries and territories. For years, professionals who wish to connect with other people either to find people who wish to work with them or to find companies where they could transfer have used the network.

Recently, LinkedIn launched a new program that allows brands to embed a “follow company” button from the social network on their homepages. According to LinkedIn, this option is similar to the “Like” button found on Facebook or following them on Twitter. Those who decide to use the “follow company button” will receive automatic updates from the brand they choose via their LinkedIn feeds. With this function activated, if you see the “Follow Company” button, and as long as you remain logged onto LinkedIn, you will follow the company automatically.

Over the years, LinkedIn had presented its users with different social media plug-ins. In 2010, the social network rolled-out the “Share” button, which allows people to share articles they like with the people connected to them. Shortly after, LinkedIn came up with the “Recommend” button that has functions similar to the “Follow” button so the reason for changing it may be more on the semantics side. This move is mainly intended to establish the social network as a possible choice in social media marketing for businesses.

As of today, LinkedIn has over two million companies using the network. The “Follow Company” button is already being employed by some major brands that include big names like Starbucks, DonorsChoose, Sony, American Express, and AT&T.