Websites have been accessed with the use of mobile devices more than what most people have expected. This is one reason why mobile marketers tend to lean more onto mobile advertising platforms. Most consumers use the mobile internet to kill time, which leads to openings for businesses to reach prospective customers.
Despite these facts, most companies are still hesitant to join the bandwagon and make use of mobile marketing to improve their business.
According to Harriett Williams, strategy and online marketing controller for Debenhams, she discovered that the best way to encourage her colleagues in the use of mobile marketing was run a trial. The 15,000 online shoppers of Debenhams continuously mentioned that their local shops were advising them of promos or events through text messages and this made her realize that SMS marketing would be of great help. When she performed a trial, she was able to confirm that text messages indeed increased the number of local and online shoppers who were
notified of promotions.
Debenhams launched a full SMS marketing campaign. But due to the risk of SMS marketing to seem intrusive, Williams made it a point not to overwhelm shoppers by advising her team to keep messages for customers to just once a month. They do plan a gradual increase in the occurrence of sending SMS ads and eventually do more personalized text messages.
This success of Debenhams’ mobile marketing campaign led to the development of their own mobile app. Debenhams shoppers enjoyed this as they could not make online purchases, locate stores, and even be able to scan the bar codes of products.