The year 2011 has been generous to many businesses. The economy is on the mend and technology made it possible for marketers to promote their products and services without the crippling advertising costs.

mobile advertising

One of the best yet low cost marketing methods there are is mobile advertising. The trend of promoting businesses via mobile phones is on the rise. In fact, Forrester’s mobile advertising in the US turned into a billion dollar business for the first time in 2011. According to experts, the market will eventually double in 2014 with over $2.5 billion of expected revenues.

The fact that smartphones are more powerful and versatile than ordinary cell phones of yore, make it possible for many marketers to catch the attention of their target customers and sell their products without using traditional advertising medium like print, TV or radio commercials. According to eMarketer calculations, smartphone users in the US are expected to reach 73.3 million people by 2011. Smartphone users take about 31% of the mobile user population, making mobile marketing the next step in increasing sales and fastracking the success of any companies, big or small.

Mobile Marketing

Monetizing from convenience should be one of the top priorities of any company. If a product or service can be purchased via smartphones, you can expect sales to increase. The key to effective mobile advertising is to optimize your URL, mobile access, faster image rendering for various devises and accessibility. These factors must be taken into consideration before launching your own mobile marketing campaign.