Improving efficiency in your business to give you more time to work on your business rather than being stuck in managing the day to day, I’m talking about a bit of software that we actually use in our business every day. It’s an online project management tool called TeamWorkPM that we have implemented; as a result we have improved the output and productivity in all our projects which has allowed us to take on more business.

It allows you to set recurring tasks, copy and redo projects with reminders, instructions videos and much more. If you’re thinking of implementing project management I’d really recommend checking this out. I showcase the product in the video below.

This blog isn’t just talking about Project Management, but also Goal Settings.

Now what is this about?

Goal Setting is to help give us focus and a clear direction, a reminder to look at the big picture instead of getting caught in the daily grind and to make sure that everyone is striving to reach and complete goals that will help the company grow.

Define up to 5 Goals (these need to be large goals they can’t be goals that you could complete in one sitting, this is simply a task) that you want to achieve in the company over the next 90 days. Thus creating a 90 Day Action Plan. When you define these, try and break down each Goal to have dot points of the major tasks involved in completing each goal.

The reason I say up to 5 Goals because if you define too many, you’re concentrating on to many things at once and you’re likely to actually achieve less. My recommendation would be 5 goals followed by maybe 2 or 3 possible extra tasks, that are only for looking at IF you complete your original 5.

Once you have done this, share or email your Goals to at least one other person in the company so they are aware and can try help you achieve your goal but also to make you accountable for your plan.

The reason behind sharing your Goals is because studies have found that you’re up to 80% more likely to succeed in completing a Goal if other people are aware you are trying to achieve it. This is because it makes us accountable to someone else and not just ourselves. It allows other team members to help you out if they have a suggestion but it also explains to them why you may be doing things differently or have focus elsewhere in this quarter.

In our business we all come up with individual 90 Day Action Plans and share them with everyone else in the business.

This compounds the effect of the Action Plan and see’s our business hitting lots of goals each and every month.

Hope this has been helpful. If you have any other questions in how we’ve implemented this or perhaps some of the strategies we’ve used to make it a success please feel free to ask.