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When it comes to putting up a non-profit organization, the first thing you need to consider is your capital. Initially, you need to prepare for expenses such as rent, equipments, salary of employees, and probably a few ads to let others know about your brand’s products or service. As your organizations grows, your budget increases as well and you need to find out ways in order to raise more funds. Below are some tips on what you can do in order to make more money for your organization with the help of social media:

  1. Learn about your competitors. It’s easier to win against your competitors if you know a lot of stuff about them like how they raise funds or their approach to invite more donors. Find a way to let your sponsors know why you need more money. It all boils down to how you market to the people who fund your organization. You can make use of newsletters or periodic articles that tell people about the status of your group. You don’t necessarily need to ask for money, you can just let people know about your plans and let them know where their money is spent.
  2. Your website is a reflection of who you are. Donors will want to visit your site to learn more about you and the purpose of your movement. You have to make your website have a more personal touch like having your picture posted together with a short article. Make sure that the “donate button” is visible on every page of your site so that if they decide to make a donation for your organization they could do it easily and quickly.
  3. Work with other non-profit groups within your community that have the same cause. This will not only make it easier to find more donors but also give you a hand with your projects.
  4. Entice more volunteers to join your cause. An estimate of about 90% of volunteers are also donors for the organizations they work with. Volunteers who enjoy what they are doing are more committed to the organization they help.
  5. Let your board members know how they can help your organization. You can make use of periodic mails or even set up appointments with them.
  6. Always say “thank you”. If your donors feel appreciated, they are more likely to offer help again in the future.

social media marketing

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when laying out your social media campaign. Social Media marketing is a great way to connect with like minded individuals and build excellent business relationships however, you need to know how to properly apply social media marketing to your business to make more profits.