Businesses are now starting to take advantage of the use of blog posts through their website. This has become much more easier and popular with the rise of certain website frameworks like WordPress. Now a lot of business owners don’t know the importance of having an active blog, so first of all I’m going to outline some of the main benefits of having an active blog.

The Benefits of an Active Blog

  • Keeps your website fresh with new content, and Google loves fresh and frequently updated websites.
  • Gives your website even more keywords and content that can potentially be found through search engines, as each page on your website is indexed separately.
  • Acts as a source of information that you can send your email database too through automated email service.
  • You can share knowledge, tips and insights that help your existing customer base and also highlights your expertise to potential customers visiting your website.
  • More traffic through increased search engine listings.
  • Provides an interactive medium that you can communicate with your community.
  • More content gives you more opportunity to build your internal links. Learn more about internal links.

How Do You Schedule a WordPress Post?

Here are the steps required to schedule and automate your WordPress blog posts.

Step 1 – Once you’ve finished writing your blog posts, over the right hand side where you click ‘Publish’. You will notice just above the publish button, there is an ‘Edit’ button right next to where it says Publish immediately. Click that Edit button underlined in the image below.

automate wordpress blog step 1

Step 2 – Once you click Edit it will then show you an area where you can define a date and time. Underlined in the image below. In this area you can set the date and time that you want the post to be published. When you have set the date and time you then click the OK button.

schedule wordpress post step 2

Step 3 – After clicking the OK button you will notice instead of saying Publish immediately it will now say Schedule for: date @ time and the ‘Publish’ button has changed to ‘Schedule’. Now all you need to do is click the Schedule button and your WordPress Post will be automatically published at that date and time. See image below.

schedule wordpress blog step 3

That’s all there is to it! Really simple. So this allows you to create posts around special events or sales in your business or to even out some time aside one day and schedule tips and helpful insights to be released every month so you can the forget about it for awhile.

I hope this info has helped you automate your WordPress posts. Please like or share this post and leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback.