j0439558In order to impress the search engine gods and goddesses, you need to have a well defined web strategy for your own business website. This is an age of internet boom and without a strong online presence, making it big in this cut-throat competitive market is next to impossible. Thus, the only way to beat your online competitors down the search engine lane is to create a winning web business strategy for your company. And creativity is the call of the hour, mind it! If you decide to embrace the easily available strategies laid out by others, then be ready to face the not-so-easy consequences. Remember the proverb, “No risk, no gain.”

Now, setting off your own web strategy requires a fair amount of time and effort from your end. Little homework or ground research sprinkled with a pinch of market survey; and you are ready to create your own web strategy. Remember, it is not that nebulous as it is being portrayed a hundred times.

Bring out that aggressive attitude and follow these five phrases. But don’t be hasty. When it’s about defining your web strategy, patience is considered a virtue.

1) Identify your target audience: Who are your customers? Who is the end user or receiver of your business/products/services? Identifying your target audience as well as the target market is very crucial and you need to put your best foot forward in doing so. Whether you are a big enterprise or a small company, spotting out the niche market is the most important task. Hence give your heart and soul to this step.

2) Chalk out a plan: Once you know your target audience, engross yourself in digging up a plan. No doubt that it has to be well researched. Jot down few significant points like your current online presence, competitors’ current position, your business priorities, your goals, success metrics etc and set up a plan. You can break the plan in different parts and sub-parts; and employ your workforce accordingly.

3) Select the right keywords: Selecting the best matching keywords or key phrases is one of the most important parts of setting up a web strategy. If yours is an Amsterdam based B2B portal then you may not want your site to come up in the search of New York Coffee Shops. Hence use the helpful keywords tool and choose the right set of keywords related to your specific business and niche market.