A quick note on the power of Facebook Marketing from a trip abroad.

I’m currently lucky enough to be zig zagging my way through the mountain rich countryside of New Zealand.

facebook marketing

Every now and then the stomach starts rumbling or the legs demand a stretch.

Luckily we’re taking daily shifts in who’s driving. So naturally we find the pub with the nicest view and largest range of icy craft beers to… Stretch the legs.

As soon as we stop everyone in the car gets out their iPhone and checks Facebook. Naturally. Isn’t that what everyone does? I thought it was just my generation until I looked across the room and everyone from the high vis crew having a chuckle in the corner on smoko through to the nice elderly lady that reminds me of my nanna out the front on a tablet.

My friends all start to say with surprise ‘Owww wow! What a coincidence… I’m on Facebook and I just saw something about some thermal pools down the road. What a coincidence… Maybe we should check it out’. As none of them really understood the mechanics of what I do, I smile to myself, nod and say ‘Yeah… What a coincidence’.

You see, these days it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to profile a person in an instant. People seem to forget that with platforms like Facebook where we ‘like’ various pages and posts, declare our relationship status, birthdays, interests, sex, workplace, level of education, languages spoken and much much more… All from a device that sits in our pocket with a GPS tracking every moment. They’e constantly building and adding to our ‘online profiles’. With social media marketing strategies we can tap into these ‘profiles’ and create ‘coincidental’ ads to pop up in front of your potential customers just when they’re looking for you.

facebook marketing for business

Here is a great example… If you’re in a relationship, change your status to single (I’d recommend advising your better half what you’re doing first … ) and see just how quickly you are bombarded by ‘find singles online’ advertising.

It really is remarkable the power a business has these days to target their market through online advertising… If you know how. If you don’t know how or don’t have the time you should consider getting advice from an online marketing agency to either point you in the right direction or take over and push your online marketing strategies.

Well I best leave it at that, just realised what time it is (on my new watch that I happened to buy as a result of a carefully placed Facebook Marketing Advert) and its time to hit the road.

Let me know. Have you ever seen this in action? Could this be beneficial for your business and how?

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