There are people who have close to a thousand or even more friends on their Facebook accounts. But if you really think about it, could it be possible that one person has so many friends? And if so, are they all real friends or just people that they got acquainted to?

social networkingIt would be extremely difficult to maintain relationships with over a thousand people. There’s a big difference between social networking and social hoarding. For a person to collect social media friends for the wrong reasons like wanting to appear popular to others can be considered as social media hoarding.

Hoarding may be considered a manifestation of a mental illness, specifically obsessive-compulsive disorder.  A misconception arises regarding the importance of hoarded items that far exceeds the true value. Because of this obsession for possessions, the owner eventually experiences stress. This can be correlated to social media hoarding where a person who has hundreds of friends or connections experiences stress in trying to maintain personal relationships with all of them.

But it’s not only through Facebook friends that one tends to experience social media hoarding. Via Pinterest, users are allowed to post hundreds of pictures. Some users are liable to stockpile several images even if they are really not necessary. As for Twitter posts, some people are inclined to flood the feeds to the point that they become annoying. i.e. non-stop posting of where they are located. Even posting of games, which ask people to click on a link to assist you, flood feeds of your social network.

Think things over and check if you are guilty of social media hoarding. There really isn’t any limitation or rule on how many social-media-marketingfriends or connections one should have.  The important thing is to make sure that the quantity you have is not stressful for you and maintaining relationships with them will not hinder you from living your life normally.