Social Media Marketing: What’s In Your Marketing Tool Kit?

With practically hundreds of social media marketing tools you can utilize for your business, choosing which works for your business can be quite cumbersome. Recent survey suggests that most internet marketers, old and new, use no less than four marketing tools in their promotion campaigns namely, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.


More than 80% of self employed and 78% of small business owners use LinkedIn to interact with their target audience as well as to widen their business contacts. It was expected that self-employed individuals would increase their use of LinkedIn by up to 68% versus 61% for internet marketers.Social Media Marketing Toolkit


With over 800 million active users, Facebook is the social media-networking site you HAVE to be sign up on. Facebook is so big that if it was a country, it’ll be the third biggest in the world! Imagine the possibilities! Creating a fan page will help you increase your network of potential customers and business contacts alike.


Is 140 characters enough to market your business? You better believe it. Twitter handles about 1.6 billion queries each day and with 500,000 new users signing up every day, widening your network and encouraging people to check your business out is easier than you think.


When it comes to marketing, content is king. Nothing gives you credibility and stronger online presence than getting your content out there. Posting blogs about essential information your target market can use to solve their problems helps increase your traffic, make it easy to convert it into sales and therefore, increases your profits!