Social media marketingSocial media marketing harnesses the power of the internet to give your business the edge against bigger, more established companies there are. How is this possible? How can something as simple as posting a tweet or a shout-out make any difference in your business? You’d be surprised at the facts.

Social Networking

Social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are so far reaching, the opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, those that are either interested in your products or those that want to collaborate with you, is plenty. Even businesses that are adamant on using traditional marketing campaigns can no longer ignore the power of social media marketing sites. As a social media marketer, you can post pr tweet about valuable information/ advise, host contests, offer coupons, or launch new products. Just make sure you do not send out spam to all your contacts!


Let your target audience know more about the product or services you offer in a more personal, casual level. Blogging or writing about what your business is all about, social networkingincluding new products, ideas, or even upcoming promotions or contests will not only attract potential customers, you will also learn the public’s perception about your business through the comments section.

Video Sharing

Make your blogs even more interesting by including instructional videos or product/services demos! Because YouTube puts a limit on the video length, you can create a simple product demo and add links to your company website for interested customers. This will not only attract more buyers, you also build links that will eventually translate to better search engine ranking.