Social-Media-Optimization1Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of optimizing the site and content of your business giving it a higher chance of being discussed and shared. This will enable you to communicate with a wider audience, which will improve the relevance
and authority of your sites in search engines.
Sign-up For Social Media Networks
Let the visitors of your website aware that you have social media profiles. Place you social icons on the upper right hand corner of your site so that they won’t be missed. It is advisable to place these icons in the footer, keeping in mind to adjust the size and look to avoid redundancy. Properly group together all your RSS and email subscription forms, mobile apps, podcasts and blogs to prevent the overlooking of information. Be advised to place social widgets in the sidebar as these modules present valuable information about the followers on your different
social networks. In the end, this will attract more people to join.
Enhance Your Blog
Once your site is socially optimized, concentrate on making your blog as shareable as possible. Entice your visitors by providing teasers of articles on the home page. Add thumbnail images for each blog with the choice of including the titles of the articles or not. As much as possible, find ways to compel your readers to click through your site to keep on reading. Emphasize the popularity of your site by posting the votes, comments, and amount of shares your article had.