Automated Business Systems

I took a few days off and went on a short surfing trip with my mates. Little did I know that there was no Internet and phone connection. Most places on the planet have net connection so I travel an hour and a half from Coffs Harbour and I am in online wilderness. No need to panic though.


Our business and operations are built on an automated systems that drives our business 24/7.

Let me explain what I mean by automated systems…

Online marketing (and business in general) can be very time consuming if you have to create content and monitor all of your online platforms each day manually, this is why we work to build automated systems for our clients and teach people how to automate their own business.

Creating an automated system requires a mix of using the right online platforms and software, many which are free and the correct strategies.


8 questions to ask yourself about automated systems.

Below is a checklist of some items that you can check off with your current online marketing to confirm if you have your online marketing covered when you can’t access the net… or just don’t have the time because you are busy managing everything within your business.Automated Business
1. Social Media Posts. Have you created at least a weeks of posts in advance, scheduled in for your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn accounts?
2. Have you scheduled regular emails that will keep adding value to your current data base?
3. Do you have a website that helps generate leads 24/7 365 days a year?
4. Do you have regular news or blog content scheduled in your website to keep your potential clients engaged and offering value information regularly? Hint this also helps your Google ranking and search results.
5. Do you have a simple piece of software that will keep your staff on tasks each day even if you aren’t there? This software can also monitor time spent on each task
6. Do you have marketing offers daily targeting your potential clients that help expose people to your brand 24/7?
7. Do you have a marketing funnel schedule that allows you multiply channels to create potential new business, online and offline?
8. Do you have your entire business system connected to your phone for easy access if needed?

These are just a few questions worth going over and asking yourself. It’s important that you have automated systems in place to help your marketing and business run around the clock as much as as it can without your input.
After all, most of us built our businesses for a lifestyle change – not to get another job. Get your marketing automated and your business automated ASAP.

If you don’t have some or any of these stay tuned. In the coming weeks you will be able to learn how to implement these strategies and many more.Automated Marketing

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