social networkingThe reality is, social networks have greatly impacted our daily lives for a number of years now. They have served as channels in the exchange of information among communities all over the world. There are very interesting ways of viewing social networks. Some say that social networks were meant to be used by governments in gathering information. Others believe that since these platforms do have information, they may also cause conflicts so they must be monitored. There are those who have a median view of social networks. Platforms for instant communication with anyone or everyone in the world which means, it would be very hard to control what information is passed on to others.

Governments are highly concerned of being unable to control a circumstance that could lead to an unpredictable result that cannot be stopped if needed. This is the reason for the following:

Intrusion of governments with the undertakings of major social networking companies. One good example of this would be the dinner that President Obama hosted which included prominent people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt of Google, etc. It’s quite evident that Google or Facebook has the power to reprimand an account or a user if any of their respective policies are not followed. It could be possible that the government has taken the authority of social networks into consideration and are thinking of a collaboration and exchange of favors for mutual benefit between them.

Tools for monitoring of communications are being implemented. It has been reported in the news all over the world that governments such as Russia, China, and Iran have employed systems to monitor communications. Users are being observed and spied on which lead to consequences or punishments like arrests, tortures or even executions. The aforementioned countries aim to control how their people express themselves and the cyberspace representations of themselves.

The use of social networks in order to directly analyze these platforms of social media. Even the FBI and CIA have made use of these social networking sites in order to assist them in their investigations of crimes. Opinions about certain issues can be monitored with the help of Artificial Intelligent systems.

Clearly, social networks have great power. However, just as Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker, “with great power comes great responsibility.” We need to learn how to makesocial media marketing use of this power in a proper manner. And if we successfully do this, we can certainly do great things through social media.