Ten years back, we used to go down to the shopping centre to inquire about a latest product. Now, we don’t go anywhere, we just click the internet browser in our smartphones do a quick search on our favourite search engine and our job is done. Statistics show that 78% of online users are people searching for products and services. Not only that, around 40% of them compare prices before purchasing a product online or offline. That’s why it’s important to have good website design for your business. The story has developed a new twist after social media marketing has come into the scene. Check these facts –

• 41% of B2B and 67% of B2C companies got a new customer through Facebook
• The number of web-marketing experts who think Facebook is critical to their business has shot up to 83% in last 2 years
• Companies with blog receive 55% more traffic
• 50% of below 35 social media users follow their friends’ recommendations about products and services
• Inbound marketing can reduce your marketing cost by 62% compared to age-old outbound marketing.

Hence you cannot avoid the fact that the conceptions of business is rapidly changing with the ongoing technological advancements. The change is here. The theory of survival tells us that to keep surviving and thriving, we need to embrace the changes.

So for all the business people out there who have heard about the changes, seen it, but yet to take the leap, here is the time to take the leap.