Over the past two and a half years we have been consulting and passing on our online marketing knowledge to hundreds of business owners in regional Australia helping answer their online marketing questions.

The Common Online Marketing Question Asked…  “Where do I start and where to spend my marketing dollar?”

For some business owners it is all way to confusing and easier to just do nothing or just keep doing the same thing and hope for the best. I know in our own business we are always approached by people who want to sell us advertising or marketing and sometimes it is just overwhelming, so we do nothing or put it aside and never get to it.

The one key factor we have found that has allowed us to make informed decisions about our businesses online marketing spend is knowing our target market and having a long-term marketing strategy we can refer to at any time that is right for our business. Depending on your business and your target market, particular online advertising and marketing vehicles may not be suitable for you.              

Ask the right online marketing questions                                                                                                          

6 Key Questions That Will Help You Define Your Marketing Strategy And Work Out Where Best To Market Your Business Online

1.    Who Is Your Target Market?
2.    Where Do They Hang Out? 
3.    What Do They Want?
4.    What Problem Are They Trying To Solve?
5.    What Is Your Current Strategy And Is It Creating Leads, Enquiry, Connection and Sales? 
6.    How Do You Track And Measure Your Current Marketing?

If you work through these few questions this may help guide you to your online marketing strategy. 

Important areas to think about

As you can see when marketing your business online or offline you need to know your target market, have a marketing strategy that works for you and a plan of how you are going to implement this strategy. ALSO, you need to find out how you can duplicate and automate your strategy so you can leverage your time and resources.

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