A lot of business owners don’t consider Search Engine Optimisation to be an important part of their marketing strategy.

Ask your 10 closest friends, how do you find a product or service? Most of the time at least 8 of 10 people will say something like “I look on Google”. Think about it… what do you do?

It’s also important to know that very rarely does anyone ever go to page 2, if what they want isn’t on the top page of Google they change their search term and try again. These are just 2 reasons why search engine optimisation should be a major part of your marketing strategy.

Websites that have a higher page rank have better chances of ascending to the top of the search engines. Improving one’s page rank may be done either ethically or unethically (whitehat or blackhat). However, if the guidelines set by search engines are not followed and unethical processes are used, the site’s rise in status will be short-lived and your website will be punished.

You will be able to get your website ranked highly if you follow a few steps, now some of these are simple but a lot of them take time and continuous attention.

But What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Let me explain, Search Engine Optimisation can be broken into 2 main categories on page SEO and off page SEO.SEO

On page SEO

Is all about the way that the code behind your website is structured. It’s important to remember that a lot of Google’s work is done by robots or scripts… so they don’t interpret a website like we do, they can’t see the pictures and all the flash movement everywhere all they know is the code.

So you need to leave hints for these robots.

6 Top Hints For On Page Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Meta Details: One of the very first things that should be represented in each web pages code is the Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. These are the 3 first major aspects of on page SEO that needs to be addressed. In a nutshell this is the title, description and categories that describe your webpage to a search engine. To show you how important they are, I point out below where 2 of these are represented in a search engine.Search Engine Optimisation Sunshine Coast
  2. Keywords Not Business Name: A lot of people make the mistake of search engine optimising their website all around their business name. It’s important to remember that only people who already know about your business will be searching your business name, and if they are already searching your business name then you’ve no doubt already got the sale before they did they search. But all of the potential customers out there are not going to be searching your business name – they will be searching something like ‘product description’ or ‘service in area’ so you really need to optimise your pages to target those searches.
  3. Get In The Right Country: I won’t go in to too much detail but basically – if you are targeting an Australian audience than it’s better off to have a .com.au or a .org.au or a .net.au type of domain. It’s also important to have your websites files hosted in the same country as your target market. Think about it, their is a lot of spam related and dodgy websites out there. So search engines like Google need to do their best job to make sure its users get the most reliable and relevant information to them. So if Google scans a website and it’s a .com (a domain alias associated with American or Global businesses) and the website is hosted on a server in India – how legitimate or safe for it’s users do you think Google would rate that website. So if you want your website to be taken seriously and for example your targeting an Australian market than you should host your website in Australia and register a .com.au or .net.au domain for your business.
  4. Describe Your Images: As I mentioned earlier the theoretical robots can’t see the images on your website like we do. So it’s important that your images are named properly (think about having a picture called image09881286.jpg doesn’t really help the robot does it?) so it gives a good indication to the robot what it’s all about by naming it something like ‘search-engine-optimisation.jpg’ for example. Also, you can provide your images with what’s called an alt tag – these are the little pop ups of text that you see if you hover your mouse over an image. These are important to search engines for two reasons. Firstly, it allows you to give a precise description of what the image is about. Secondly, search engines need to make sure your website is appropriate for all its users and some of the users will have difficulty with eye sight as they require these ‘alternate descriptions’ to get an idea of what your images are about.
  5. You Have More Than One Page: Another common SEO mistake we see is that people use the same meta title, description and keywords across every page on their website. It’s important to know that search engines index each page on your website separately, so for example for a business like mine – it would be in my best interest to optimise my separate service pages to target the different keywords that my potential customers might search things like web design, social media marketing, online advertising or online business education for example. This gives you the ability to get found for more keywords around your industry and more importantly it makes your website appear less boring to search engines. If a search engine reads your website and finds 30 pages with the same title and description it may believe that all your pages are about the same thing and that there is no point to index all your pages high. Don’t fall into this trap.
  6. Internal Links: Search engines give you ‘points’ based on the amount of links you have pointing to your website, but it also gives you points based on how well you link to content within your own website. One website that does this very well is Wikipedia, when ever you come across one of their articles it includes links to heaps of their other content. All these links (due to the text and title used in the link) just gives search engines an even better idea if what each page is about. If you haven’t already noticed, this post you’re reading is full of internal linking – that’s not just for ease of use but is also an important part of my SEO strategy.

These on page strategies do take a lot of time to put in place initially but in general this is what we consider as the easy aspects of a search engine optimisation strategy, because you have complete control of it and it’s something that you edit, test and measure as you go. Once you get it right – it’s almost set and forget.

Off page SEOsearch engine optimisation agency

This is where the real work comes into it and where most SEO companies don’t pay too much attention. To explain, search engines these days with the release of social media, blogs and social bookmarking have changed the algorithms to take the amount of ‘community’ or ‘chatter’ about your business online into consideration when you assigning your search engine rankings. All of the links back to your website are known as backlinks and these are a essential to your websites rankings. This is one major aspect that sets our SEO Agency apart from our competitors.

Tips To Improve Your Off Page SEO

  1. Leave Comments: A simple strategy in improving your page ranking would be to leave comments on popular blogs or forums related to your own site, with links to your website included in your signature. Backlinks leading to your site will rapidly increase and in turn will help grow your site’s popularity. There is no limit to the number of backlinks you add so posting more comments provides you with better results. Be sure not to employ tools that will automatically post backlinks onto blog comments for you. These tend to post big amount of spam quickly and will eventually set off red flags which will penalize your site due to unethical SEO practice. I have a friend that runs a business focussed in the car brakes market, when his business started he had all his staff spend all their spar time offering free support and recommendations on popular forums in his industry. Not only did this instantly get his business known amongst his target market as an authority in the market but it sky rocketed his website to the top of page 1 on Google! Didn’t cost him a single a cent, if anything it gave his team a good task for filling spare time! It’s one of the major factors that lead to the growth of his business to date and now he sponsors world class rally teams!
  2. Social Bookmarking: Another good tactic would be social bookmarking. With the help of social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and Delicious, you can establish your traffic and page ranking through bookmarking an articles or posts you made. These will get you backlinks to your site specially if the site you made a post in already has a high page rank.
  3. Business Directories and Search Engines: There are 100,000’s of business directories and search engines out their in the world wide web. A lot of these may be a specialised directory or engine for your particular industry – this gives you the a perfect place to create a free profile with information about your business but also with a link (backlink) back to your website. Not only does this improve your backlink count but it allows you to tap into the traffic of the search engine or business directory of which you left a listing.
  4. Social Media MarketingSocial media has changed the online world! It’s so incredibly active and responsive that this gives an incredible insight for search engines into what businesses people are currently raving about. Search engines also like to see that you’re an active contributor to the world wide web, so being active and causing conversation and sharing within social media is an important part of not online tapping into the social media market but improving the ranking of your website.

Lets wrap up about Social Media Marketing!

OK, so for now I’ve told you enough to point out the importance of SEO and 10 key aspects of Search Engine Optimisation that you should be paying attention to. There are many more strategies and tips I have up my sleeve but I think this is enough to get you started and if you JUST acted on these 10 key points your website traffic would increase considerably.

Let me show you a case study

Below is a screen shot of the Google Webmaster Tools results from 3/2/2015 through to 3/3/2015. This was a screen shot I sent a client after the first month of SEO services we offered his team.




Now below is a screen shot from the same client 4 months later (keep in mind Google changed the way they represented their graphs in this time). Their number of impressions (individual times someone has seen their website as the result of a search) has gone from roughly 16,000 to 32,000 and the clicks through to their website has gone from 677 to 1,127 (lets keep in mind the first image was taken after we’d already started).



SEO Sunshine Coast


This made a huge difference to the amount of sales of our customer received and that’s our ultimate goal.

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