twitter-toolsWhen the world is going Twitter, how can you afford to stay back and sit behind? Twitter, the biggest marketing secret of the millennium, has dynamically changed the rules and ethics of advertising. By instigating people to change their way of marketing, it has set a whole new level of business promotion. It has shows how just 140 characters can make the world go round. So if you have still not given twitter a thought then it’s time to do that. Promote your business across the world, create a fan base and observe an unbelievable ROI without spending any pocket pinching amount – Twitter has made everything possible. Now, even if you have already acquired your Tweeple status, you need few more tools that can make your journey smooth and successful.

Here are top 10 Twitter enterprise tools you may find helpful in promotion your business and maintaining a healthy Twitter life as well.

1. Twellow: Find people interested in your niche business with the help of this online tool. You can search by particular categories to narrow your search query. The advanced search options also let you enjoy searching by name, bio and/or location as well. All you need is a Twellow account. Search with your queries, click on a profile and you will be redirected to the twitter account of the same person. Now, you can check other details easily.

2. HootSuite: Hootsuite is another happening app using which you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets, track different data like keywords ranking, mentions, DM (direct messages), retweets, tweets marked as favorites etc. With such enhanced analytics tool, your marketing strategies are sure to receive a boost up. With a paid account for $9.99 per month, you can also enjoy terrific pro features.

3. TwitterKarma: Sometimes too much enthusiasts can spoil your marketing goal. Following is great, unfollowing can be great too; especially when they are fake or not adding any value to your business. Twitter Karma lets you bulk unfollow. Give your name & password, wait for it to download the complete list of your followers then tick those useless profiles and click the Bulk Unfollow button at the bottom.

4. TweetDeck: Another powerful Twitter app that is popular for managing multiple twitter accounts just like HootSuite. Its customizable columns are for arranging your feeds, filters are for sieving important tweets, tweets schedule feature for your convenience. It has recently launched a desktop application also. So you can stay offline, yet stay online with your business Twitter account.

5. Without a good URL shortener managing biz Twitter account can be bit hectic. After all, you are planning to share a lot of links for your niche followers. is probably the most popular. Shorten links, save the record, keep a track; bitly makes life easier.