using_facebook_to_increase_sales-300x300Facebook is the largest, most popular social networking websites today. Naturally, clever online marketers found ways to profit from Facebook and expand their network. Facebook has opened a completely new way to conduct online and offline business as well as engage to customers and contacts alike.

In this article, we will discuss ways to use Facebook to increase your own sales.

Real Time Interaction

What makes Facebook so popular among big and small companies is that Facebook literally takes their business to billions of users online without costly advertising charges. Whether you want to start a contest, notify readers with new blog posts from your main site, introduce a new product or simply answer questions from your
own network, you can do these all in real time!

Expand Networks

Facebook has a nifty feature that allows businesses to create their own pages rather than creating a personal profile, which used to be the norm. This opened a gateway of new networking opportunities and expanding networks to a whole new level. Business owners can like, comment on other pages and join various groups and interact with like-minded individuals or reach potential customers.

Better Customer Service

We go back to Facebook’s real time interactions with friends and networks. Using Facebook, business owners can use their own pages as a way to solve problems, address questions and notify networks or customers for new services. It’s a great way to market your business, establish excellent reputation and showcase your expertise in your chosen niche.