I’ve decided to provide a little information around our online video advertising – for example the video ads that appear before videos on Youtube. But we take it a bit further than just Youtube, I wanted to capitalise on all the various online video streaming platforms like Yahoo, iTunes, Bing, Viddler, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe and so on. It took some work but after contacting the various platforms and arranging special advertising deals we’re finally able to offer a comprehensive video advertising platform. This offers businesses with a TV Advert style advertising at a fraction of the cost that follows there potential customers all over the web.

I know small business owners are interested in getting more affordable forms of advertising opposed to general old hat formats like TV and Radio campaigns. With the huge boom in people streaming online video content it’s the best way to get your business in front of customers.

Research has shown that the amount of online digital video streaming has almost quintupled in the last year alone, while mediums like TV and Radio are slowly seeing their statistics drop with the rise of the online media platforms.

I know for instance that there is 3 people in my house and we don’t even have any of the TVs connected to the antenna to receive local stations, not because we can’t but we simply don’t watch it. We all stream our content online and watch what we want, when we want. It’s much the same with most of my friends.

What exactly is an Online Video Advertising Campaign?

  • ‘TV-style’ ads shown before online video content. The most powerful form of video advertising available.
  • Cost as little as 5 cents per view, much more affordable then the standard TV style advertising and these days viewed more regularly
  • Tap into 50,000+ video streaming websites available (incl iTunes, Vimeo, Youtube) which is a great way to build your businesses reach
  • We have campaigns where you can get as many as 25,000 – 200,000 views from potential customers each month, this gets your message seen by customers!
  • You know who sees your ads through targeted and measured campaigns

This service is something we can demographical target to specific areas of Australia and we target the video ads to appear on specific Youtube Channels and Media Channels (eg news websites, yahoo 7, itunes etc) that suit your target market.

When we provide our customers with an online video campaign our client get their own unique 15 to 30 second webmercial, we completely develop the advert. We provide a customised placement strategy to reach your ideal target market. Monitoring and optimization of the campaign throughout the month with regular and comprehensive campaign reports. We have a number of packages to suit various goals and budgets.

Free Video Advertising Media Plan for Business Owners

If this is something you would be interested in, contact us and we can provide an obligation free comprehensive media plan of the recommended websites / Youtube Channels where we can run 30 and 15 sec video advertising spots towards your respective target markets.