What To Post?


I was chatting with a friend of mine yesterday who has a business that helps people save money and get better deals when buying media, such as TV ads, radio spot, print ads and magazine advertising.


He is really good at what he does and gets great results for his clients.


Anyway, he knows he has to get into social media marketing and online marketing in general, for his own business because he is aware that this is where marketing is going.


I was showing him a few things about Facebook whilst we were having a coffee and he asked the same question we hear from many business owners out there.


What Do I Post About On Social Media?


This is such a common question.


Here are a few suggestions that may help you when creating posts for your social media.


1.    Start a blog. Write about what is happening in your business or industry. Try writing one news article each week and post it on your blog site or news section in your website and link it to your social media.

2.    Create a weekly social media wheel, or schedule to follow. For example on Monday you may have your blog post. Tuesday a profile on one of your clients if you are a business-to-business service. Wednesday mention one of your products or services that you offer, and so one…

3.    Look for some positive news about your industry and post the news article

4.    Offer a powerful quote that may lift your readers for the day

5.    Post an interesting image, it could be a product or could be something you took a photo of.

6.    Create a small survey and ask your follows questions about what they look for in your product or service

7.    Give a shout out to one of your clients if they are a business and ad their link

8.    Offer some helpful tips that may assist your clients

9.    Create some short videos that offer value to your clients


Through some of our training videos and coaching programs clients have now started to understand what to post and how to manage their social media in only a few minutes a day.


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Live An Amazing life

Terry & Chris