Today I’m going to start with Youtube, as you may or may not already know YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine online but did you know that Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed a day and 60 Hours of video content is uploaded to Youtube every minute.

The reason I’m talking about Youtube and video content is first of all because a lot of people on the internet today who are your customers are more visually stimulated. They are more likely to take a bit of information in the form of a picture or video than they will a bit of a text or an article to read. Now a lot of people don’t know where to start when it comes to YouTube or don’t think they could have any video content for their business. Most of us are good at our industry or profession and have lots and lots of knowledge that we might take for granted that other people out there want to know.
With the growth of YouTube people have also got use to and in some cases prefer a more home made feel and approach in your online video so it isn’t necessary to get everything professional produced.
Here are a few Topics you may be able to create video content around just to get started:

  • About Us
  • FAQ’s
  • Company Story
  • Testimonials
  • Promotional Videos
  • Product Demo / Information
  • Product Practical Tests
  • Customer Experience (what using your service or product would typically entail)
  • Tips / Facts topical to your industry
  • Market Updates
  • Reviews
  • Internal Training and Systems
  • Sales Funnels / Videos

Video content isn’t just a more engaging platform for your potential customers it is also a great way to save time. Often through out product support, sales, FAQs and even with internal systems and training – you are often spending valuable time going over the same bit of information. If you spend the time making one really good explanatory video, then everytime there after you are asked that question or need to train new staff for example, you can just point them in the direction of the video and

Moving forward with getting your company on Youtube, you could get started with just the inbuilt camera in your laptop or phone if you have one, otherwise most digital cameras do have a video record feature. Below I’ve just got some videos and links you may like to quickly look at if you’re thinking of purchasing video equipment for your business or company.

Video – Using iPhone (taking advantage of resources already at hand)
Video – Canon 600D
Website Link – GoPro

I would recommend using an External Microphone solution to get clearer, louder audio. If you’re looking at purchasing an External Mic solution for your iPhone for example, I would look at the following device

ROD External Mobile Microphone Solutions

NOTE; and I can’t stress this enough, if you’re going to start using your Smart Phone to record video for your business it is important to hold your device horizontally. Why? Simple, if you record video with your phone held vertical when you then goto publish it online and it’s transformed into a widescreen format you will end up with a small picture in the middle and two black lines up each side. On the other hand if you hold your device horizontal, then it’s going to be recording in widescreen and therefor make the transition much easier and you’ll end up with a nicer finish.

Here is one nifty product I’ve found that is a lens for the iPhone that enables you to create 360° panoramic videos, which we have found to be handy for a lot of business display / promo videos.

GoPano micro

Moving on, for companies like graphic designers, architects, building firms, engineers, software developers – anything where it may be of use to be able to easily share your computer screen content with customers from a distance. You can use screen capture software to easily record your computer screen + voice to quickly walk people through a project or design. Then upload to Youtube and share with them the private link, this means they and anyone else on the project can view this video in their own time, watch it as many times as they want without taking up too much of your time.

For screen capture I recommend using Camtasia Studio, we use this a lot in our business and allows us to easily work on complicated projects with people all around the world.

If you have any questions about getting your business on Youtube don’t hesitate to ask below or contact us.